Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pro-Choice Catholicism is a Heresy

So says Bishop Vasa of Baker, OR.

Here is an excerpt from the article on

"Robert Vasa, the Catholic bishop of the Oregon diocese of Baker, has written a letter to his diocesan newspaper clearly identifying the so-called 'pro-choice' position among Catholics as a 'heresy'. For decades, many Catholics have argued that 'primacy of conscience' allows them to dissent from basic Church teaching, including the right to life, and still consider themselves 'good Catholics.'

He said he does not seek to justify 'vigilante theology,' and that the word needs to be applied with care, 'but we do need strong words to combat erroneous and fallacious teaching.'

'There is a very strong word, which still exists in our Church, which most of us are too 'gentle' to use. The word is ‘heresy.''''

Here is a link to Bishop Vasa's speech.


Blogger Matthaeus Evangelista said...

The guys at De Fide appear to be super happy about this since the link of their website blinks!!

6:25 PM  
Blogger MilesEcclesiae said...

I wrote Most Reverend Vasa to tell him that what he said was great and we would pray for him. He responded very quickly with:

"Thank you for you kind note of support. It is very much
appreciated and, I might add, needed. Usually, when I make a bit bolder
statements there is as much, if not more, hate mail than 'praise' and so
the encouragemetn is appreciated. At this point I have not yet heard from
any 'enemies' but I have no doubt that the attack will come. God bless
you. +RFV"

9:35 AM  

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