Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Massachusetts Governor to push abstinence only education

From David Dowd:

"Fox News is reporting Gov Romney is introducing an abstinence only sex ed. He is advocating abstinence only education in Massachusetts Public Schools. He is quoted in the report stating children should wait to have sex.

The program is particularly important for the underprivileged in our communities including black and hispanic neighborhoods.

This is good news. The sexologists in public schools harm our children, when, speaking with the authority and credibility of a teacher, they introduce the use of contraceptives as strategic behavior to avoid pregnancy.

The strength of Romney backed program is our youth are taught NO... and here is how you can practice abstinence.

Of course some will say this is politics. If this is politics, it says a lot about the puny legislators who could not back a sitting Governor when the Governor has to use his status as a national candidate to introduce this .

Of course the immoral sexologists will cease being a pipeline for the destruction of morals in our youth. And some people will use the media to raise their dispute.

Angus Mcquilken of Planned Parenthood.... a male spokesman for the most blood thirsty organization on the face of the earth... disputed Romney's position behind abstinence only education... so what else is new... the corruptors of our youth and profiteers on the $$$ they make on cutrate of intrinsically evil contraception and abortion is all their bloody business is all about. The devil loves to kill, steal and destroy...

Massachusetts youth is targeted, make no mistake. Planned Barrenhood is a bloody instrument in evil's attack on our youth. Destroy morals, destroy faith.

Pray for the employees of Planned Parenthood and pray for success of our Governor's courageous stand."


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