Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Loyola College sinks to new low

From Defend Life:

Loyola College of Maryland has shot itself in the foot once again.

Co-habitation is being allowed in the Loyola dorms according to Dr. Vigen>Guorian, a professor of Theology and Moral Ethics at Loyola College of Maryland.

"Hooking up" has replaced traditional courtship and dating among today's college students says Guorian.

"Hooking up" wrote one of his female students who acts as a dormitory resident adviser, " is basically dating without romance" in which young adults "simply cut to the chase, the sexual part of the relationship."

At Loyola the hook-up is accomodated with what this young woman calls the "booty room."

"We have a designated booty room," she wrote, where a coed can be alone with the young man she picked up in a bar and not disturb her roommate.

Please call Father Brian Linnane, SJ, president of Loyola, and tell him that him that you are apalled that Loyola is not only tolerating but fostering this sexual abomination. His number is 410-617-2201. His fax is 410-617-5196. If you care to write a letter, send it to:

Loyola College
4501 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21210


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