Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Pro-Life Directory You've Been Waiting for!

"...The connections are already there, they're just not all neatly arranged in an accessible online list for the world to see and share. That's what is for."

"Prolife America has long needed a mechanism that could help bring them together on the local and national level," said ProlifePages president, Steve Sanborn. "A great way to begin that process is by focusing on what we already do as consumers and product and service providers,.

Listed businesses pay a modest annual fee for local and national exposure to markets that Sanborn says are largely made up of prolife consumers.

ProlifePages offers pregnancy centers and other prolife charities different ways to work with the organization. The centers can help promote the site in ways that fit their programs and also raise funds.

Revenue generated by will be distributed via the ProlifePages Charitable Fund to prolife charities, particularly those that counsel expectant mothers, provide or wish to provide ultrasound
services and work with adoption.

Inquiries & correspondence
Local Telephone: 816-479-2828
Toll-Free: 800-858-1957
Facsimile: 816-753-3560


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