Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sanctus Ioannes Crucis

Happy memorial of Saint John of the Cross. From today's Office of Readings, St. John said:

"Though holy doctors have uncovered many mysteries and wonders, and devout souls have understood them in this earthly condition of ours, yet the greater part still remains to be unfolded by them, and even to be understood by them. We must then dig deeply in Christ. He is like a rich mine with many pockets containing treasures: however deep we dig we will never find their end or their limit. Indeed, in every pocket new seams of fresh riches are discovered on all sides."

Enjoy some good suffering today and remember that the path to salvation lay in taking up your crosses and following Christ to Calvary.


Blogger MilesEcclesiae said...

I read last night that toward the end of his life Saint John developed ulcers and a terrible fever. He had an option to go to a monastery where everyone loved him and to another where he was hated. He, of course, chose the later.

His humble, gentle, and strong spirit eventually led to the conversion of all those who did not like him.

One evening, as he lay in his deathbed, he called all the friars from the monastery together. It was 11:30 PM. He asked if they could start to do their midnight prayers [Matins]. As they started he told them that "Tonight, I shall do Matins in heaven." Saint John proceeded to kiss a crucifix, and commended his soul to his maker.

Pretty sweet!

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