Thursday, December 08, 2005

With this in mind...

I recently got an e-mail that showed just why things might not look like their getting done in Boston. This shows a lot of pastoral care is necessary, and so it is with this in mind, that our mission becomes interesting:

"Welcome to Boston where during the Democratic National Convention, the Democratic Nominee's daughter, Alexandria Kerry, attended a Planned Parenthood Party at Foley Hoags, a major Boston law firm....where the Gay Parade takes over downtown Boston every summer, with police protection, featuring floats with lewd and lascivious behavior taking place right on the streets around Boston Common and the Public Gardens, all staged with Mayor Menino's assent....where the State Supreme Court Justice Margaret Marshall gave the edict that same sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts thereby overstepping the rights of citizens of Massachusetts to have their voice heard....where, like every other city in the USA, contraception is sold over the counter in CVS's in every neighborhood, thereby allowing citizens to play with sex and kill their babies after fertilization....where, like every other city in the USA, surgical abortion kills scores of babies conceived in the wombs of their mothers every day, thereby subjecting every woman who conceives a child in her womb and every man who fathers a child destined to be killed in his mother's womb to a lifetime of remorse and worse in a world which still denies the truth - human life and nothing but human life is the product of fertilization of a woman's egg and a man's sperm.
Archbishop O'Malley faces raging lay people everytime a parish closes. He inherited a generation of priests, taught at St. John Seminary, where dissent against Humanae Vitae was the means by which the moral turpitude of said generation of priests was compromised. This has changed slowly, we are told in the past few years. Please pray for our Archbishop in Boston. Please pray for our political leaders. Pray for our priests and seminarians and laity. And we offer you our prayers in return. And may the love St Francis had for Christ in the Eucharist inflame the heart of our beloved Archbishop. "

So please pray for His Grace that he might unceasingly work to better his flock and correctly instruct his priests. Pray that he will open the doors to his diocese so that we too can assist in the effort to rid Boston of all these evils next summer.


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