Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why the Anglicans can never come back...

The Anglican church said it is "theologically justified" to ordain women, not only as priests, but even as bishops.

The Vatican said that full communion will no longer be possible.

Why? Is this really a big issue? It appears there is no developed theology of the male-only priesthood in the Scriptures. Isn't this more of a pastoral issue? It would be understandable if the Church said full communion is no longer possible if a religious community denied the resurrection, or the Trinity, or something like that.

Well, denying the fatherhood of the priesthood (which has its fullness as a bishop) is an assault on the Trinity.

The preface is, "in the beginning, God created them male and female." God did not create us "sexually autonomous". We come to know Him through our sexual identity and our relationships here on earth.

The most practical fact of this is the family. Papa B just said in Spain at the conference on the family, that parenthood reflects the love of God the Father. This cannot happen with a-sexual beings. The male and female relationship, in their sexual complemtarity, in a way, is a mirror of the free exchange of love in the Blessed Trinity. The Father gives, and the Son receives. The Son receives this love and is conceieved and bears much fruit. He then, offers himself back in a total gift to the Father. This exchange of giving and receiving is stamped into our bodies; we cannot understand who we are if we fail to grasp this point. "Male and female He created them." The husband, in a very physical way, gives himself to his bride, she receives, conceives and bears fruit (the child). They then offer this fruit totally to eachother and to the Father.

It is no mistake that the Church is to represent this image. The Church, as we know from the Book of Revelation and the writings of Saint Paul (see Ephisians 5), is the Bride of Christ. In this image, Christ gives, the Church receives, conceives and bears fruit. The Church then offers Herself (e.g., all Her children) totally back to Christ. If we take this real image further, the priest then is "another Christ", "the emmisaries of Jesus" (call to mind, "do this in memory of me," "whose sins you forgive are forgiven them," "Go therefore, and teach them all I have taught you..." etc.). In a very real way, the priest represents Christ on earth. They are married to the Church. They give us the Sacraments and we receive them, conceive their grace and bear fruit. The priests then offers the sacrifice of His people totally back to the Father.

This is the foundation, and this is why the Church says this issue is such a huge deal. It is the foundation of our very existence. If we get this wrong, we can never fully understand ourselves in Christ. This might be a good chance to mention how we are all called to be Marian. Even the most machismo man is called to be the Bride of God. We are all called to be totally receptive as Mary was and is. However, to help us all be receptive to God, He gives us His Sacraments and men who are consecrated to give His sacraments in His name.

If God made "Adam and Steve; not Adam and Eve" what happens? Well, there is no way they can receive the gift of the other, no way they can conceive and bear fruit. It is physically impossible. The same way with women priests. Essentially, they are making a lesbian union with the Church, and that is just not cool.

Praise God!

Vatican, Jul. 10 (CWNews.com) - Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) has named three prelates to the supreme tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura. They are: Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski, the prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education; Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis; and Archbishop Luis Martinez Sistach of Barcelona.

The supreme tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura forms-- together with the tribunals of the Roman Rota and the Apostolic Penitentiary-- the top ecclesiastical courts of the Church. They are distinct from the tribunal of the Vatican city-state, which handles secular issues. The Apostolic Signatura is the final court of appeal for marital cases and other juridical matters under the Code of Canon Law. It is the Vatican equivalent of the US Supreme Court. The current prefect, or head of the Apostolic Signatura is Cardinal Agostino Vallini.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Protect Yourself"

Above is an advertisement from Legends Condom company of Austrailia. The subtext reads "protect yourself."

The premise is that their condom will protect you from the little children who are being held back by latex.

I would like to call to mind two points this ad brings to light.

First, take a look at the kids. They are demonic! How many times walking down the street do you see kids like that? We all know about the terrible two's, and those fits that can try the patience of the best of us, but come on!

The first impression the viewer of this ad gets is that the child is somthing to be protected from. That one has to "be defended" from these little hellians. The exaggeration of these faces brings this to light on a very visible level. However, beneath those creepy faces, you have the mentality that kids will ruin your life. A person has sex for the orgasm; not only are they trying to forget about their natural fertility, their are supposed to be repulsed by it.

It follows that since our culture (typified by this ad) removes fertility from the picture, and even make it somthign to fear, that sex really becomes mutual masturbation. That is to say, one partner is not concered with the other, in fact, they must protect themselves from them, so in the end, one person just using the other for the orgasm. If one partner starts to think of the "f-word" (fertility), they have to think about the great mystery of the other person. They cease to be an object and you can start to see them as a great subject, a beauty to behold, a vessel for transmitting new life- a mystery that is worty of protecting- not somthing you have to be protected from. They cease to be an object for their gratification and instantly become the mother (father) and nurturer (protector) of their children.

The second point that is one that I think was accidental. By placing grown children behind huge rubber walls, Legends admitts that they are creating an artificial barrier to stop the most amazing process in the universe! The ads points out that sex if for babies and bonding, and the condoms will protect you from both. Copulation creates kids. That is its function. So say as such is not anitquanted, it is a biological fact. Sex is certainly more the process to make new life; but if our culture does away with the acts primary function it will start to look for secondary functions to replace it. Hence, the dispproportionate attention toward the individualistic pleasure seeking at the expense of the other partner and the potential children.
In respect to bonding, the point is obvious. Sex with condoms is like kissing with a pillow case. Recall the great scene from Naked Gun 33 1/3...That is not bonding, that is foolishness!

I have to admit, the first thought that came to mind when I saw this ad is, "I like it". I wish I had thought of that. Really. It shows accuratley what condoms do and the feelings they invoke. They keep children who meant to be here from ever gracing us with thier lives, their talents, their love. This ad also shows how the culture of death has transfomred the innocence and beauty of a child and turned them into demonic hellians. We tend to do the same when we are at war. We demonize our enemy. It is just sad we are demonizing these little kids so that our culture can have fruiless, lifeless, and selfish sex.