Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Assault on Fatherhood

The Episcopals now say it is okay for their bishops to be women. Presbyterians now say the Trinitarian formula is sexist. The "Father Son and Holy Spirit" will now be replaced with "Rock Redeemer and Friend" or even "Mother Child and Womb".

What is going on here?!

Many people could spend pages picking apart different pieces of this puzzle.

Among the key points are the roots of Protestantism and its current application. If the Church of England can change its teaching on marriage because some of its members want a divorce, why not change its teachings on homosexuality or women ordination because some it its members demand it. If the Presbyterians could teach that alcohol was evil because its abuse causes problems, the same can be taught about fatherhood.

Take, for example, the 2,000 year Christian tradition against contraception and abortion. When the world cried out "sterililze us! sterilize us!" in 1930's, the Episcopals lead the charge by echoing Pilate "what is truth?...judge for yourself." Now, there is not one mainline protestant sect that upholds what the conjugal act really is or claims a preborn child has the right to life.

If you read the the mentality of many of the leaders in the Epicopal and the Presbyterian sects, it they are more concerned with maintaining membership and appeal than proclaiming the Truth. The above cited article on the Presbyterians says, "The Rev. Deborah Funke of Montana warned that the paper [defending the Trinity] would be ``theologically confusing and divisive'' at a time when the denomination of 2.3 million members faces other troublesome issues. "

At the core of all this is the identity of Christ. Is He God? Did He reveal the Trinity to us? Did He not teach us to call God, Abba, Father? Did He consumate His mission with His unblemished bride, the Church?

We will accept the premise that Christ is who He said He was- that is God incarnate. Otherwise, Christ would have either been a lunatic or a liar and all this talk is useless. So, resting on the premise that Christ is Divine, His Revelation must be taken seriously and safeguarded with the utmost care.

Christ did in fact teach us to call God our Father, in fact He taught us to pray "Our Father..." and to baptize in the name of the "Father Son and Holy Spirit".

Could this simply been because he was raised in a patriarchal culture? The Jews would not have accepted a baptism in the name of "Mother Child and Womb"...but really, isn't that what Jesus was really trying to teach us?! It just took us 2,000 years to get to the bottom of it...

What is at stake here is the very identity of God. We are trying to make God into our image, not live up to His image. While this reality may be diabolical, it is understandable.

Someone just told me that 94% of convicted criminals do not have a stable father. With divorce rate that is over 50%, most of us don't have a stable father. Our culture does not know what fatherhood is. So, to call God "Our Father" is very uneasy. If the term "father" brings to mind that fellow who ran out years ago, or the abusive guy who drinks too much, or the machismo womanizer... to associate God with this feeling will drive the strongest person to atheism.

Nevertheless, our bodies reveal what Fatherhood is and should always be. The male body reveals the act of giving while the female body reveals receptivity. The male body reveals his role as protector, defender while the female body reveals nurturer, care-taker. In the Creed, we affirm the "Father, the giver of life" who created all that is seen and unseen.

If we abolish God as Father, we in turn abolish our role with God as receptive to His life, His creation, to His commandments.

One last aspect about this whole mess is the Bride of Christ, the Church. She is our Mother! I am convinced the Trinity is being attacked by the protestants because of their mis-understanding of God as Father which goes right along with their mis-understanding of Church as Mother. The wedding feast of the Lamb and His bride the Church! This is misunderstood because, in part, of all the divorces that have taken place in the Christian communities. A new "church/bride of Christ" is formed every day. There are over 30,000 Protestant "churches". Clearly, Christ cannot have 30,000 wives- but only One!

It is the spotless bride of Christ who is our Mother. She is the one who takes care of us, who nurtures us with the Love of the Father. It is no coincidence that the Bride of Christ is the only one who vigorously defense the Fatherhood of God and the dignity of Fatherhood for every man.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Thanks for your prayers...

Our Shephers have approved a new, more authentic, translation of the Holy Mass from the offical Latin to the English.

I pray this is the first of many steps toward fully implimenting Vatican II. I condend that if we implimented the Mass the way the Church Fathers intended, we would never have had huge number the schismatics nor fallen away Catholics.

Keep up the good work!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

All is Gift

Words from Papa B's General Audience today:

"Tradition recounts St. Andrew's death in Patras on a diagonal cross as, "like his brother Peter, he asked to be crucified on a cross different from that of Jesus." Benedict XVI then quoted the words attributed to St. Andrew during his agony when he said of the cross: "before the Lord was placed upon you, you incited earthly terrors. Now, blessed with a heavenly love, you are received as a gift."

This phrase, the Pope continued, contains "a profound Christian spirituality, which sees in the cross not so much an instrument of torture as the unrivaled means of full assimilation to the Redeemer. ... Our crosses acquire value if considered and accepted as part of the cross of Christ. ... Only from that cross do our sufferings become ennobled and acquire their true significance."

The phrase that really sticks out are "you are received as a gift" in reference to the Cross. How remarkable! Once an instrument of torture, when it is transformed by Christ, into a gift. How are we to approach this gift? With receptivity. Receive and embrace the cross!

If such a thing can be said about the Cross, what then, can be said about our bodies? If the an instrument of torture can be transformed into a gift simply because Christ encountered it- our bodies, which have always been good, was elevated to extreme heights when Christ took on our human nature! The WORD became flesh!

How much so ought our bodies be a gift? What should be our attitude toward the gift of the other? A spirit of docility and receptivity.

That is awesome! Praise God.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


VATICAN CITY, JUN 11, 2006 (VIS) - Before praying the Angelus with thousands of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square, Benedict XVI recalled that today is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity.
"Thanks to the Holy Spirit, Who helps us to understand the words of Jesus and guides us to the truth entire," said the Pope, "believers can experience ... intimacy with God Himself, discovering that He is not infinite solitude, but communion of light and love."

"In this world, no one can see God, but He made Himself known so that, with John the Apostle, we can affirm: 'God is love.' We have come to know and to believe in the love God has for us. Whoever meets Christ and enters into friendship with Him, welcomes Trinitarian communion into his soul."

"For those with faith, all the universe speaks of God, One and Triune. ... Everything that exists leads back to a Being Who communicates Himself in the multiplicity and variety of elements, as in an immense symphony. All beings are ordered in a harmonic dynamism that we can analogously call 'love.' But only in human beings ... does this dynamism become spiritual, does it become responsible love: a response to God and to others in a sincere giving of self. In this love, human beings find their truth and happiness."

There are, said Benedict XVI, "various analogies of the ineffable mystery of God, One and Triune." In this context he mentioned the family, which "is called to be a community of love and of life, in which differences must come together to form a 'parabola of communion'." Another "masterwork of the Most Holy Trinity" is the Virgin Mary, because "divine love found perfect correspondence in her, and in her womb the only begotten Son became man."

After the Angelus prayer, the Pope invited the faithful to participate, on Thursday, June 15, in the traditional procession for the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, which every year passes from the Basilica of St. John Lateran, along Rome's Via Merulana, to the Basilica of St. Mary Major. It is, said the Holy Father, "an occasion that expresses the faith and love of the Christian community for their Lord present in the Eucharist."

Monday, June 12, 2006

Will the real Vatican II please stand up?

The Second Vatican Council (1962-1966), 40 years after its conclusion, remains for many Catholics a source of both joy and tension. What was the Holy Spirit calling us to think and to do? For some, the Council itself was the work of the Spirit, but its implementation has been hijacked by left-wing or right-wing ideologues, depending upon one’s choice of enemies. For others, the Council itself was flawed because its documents are ambiguous or even inconsistent with apostolic tradition. The extremists in this line made tradition another word for museum and lose the sense of a living Body of Christ. Some even believe that Pope John XXIII and all his successors are anti-Popes and that the Church has been without a Bishop of Rome since the death of Pius XII in 1958. Read the Rest.

Cardinal clears up comments

Some remarks by Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, former Archbishop of Washington, that were made during an interview with Wolf Blitzer of CNN (air date June 7, 2006) were not clear and have been misinterpreted by some individuals. To prevent further confusion, the Cardinal issued the following clarification:“I’m afraid that I misspoke last Wednesday when I was being interviewed on CNN. Read the rest.

Church "Could be forced to bless gay marriages' in England

New Government proposals on equality could require clergy to bless homosexual "weddings" or face prosecution, the Church of England said yesterday. Read the Rest.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Pray for Our Bishops

Our Bishops, successors of the Apostles, Fathers of the Church, will be meeting to discuss how to best govern the Church they have been entrusted with, under the Pope. Below is the schedule for their open secessions.

Bishops to meet in Los Angeles June 15-17

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The biggest church issue the U.S. bishops will face when they meet this June is a new English translation of the Order of Mass. They will also be asked to approve a 10-year extension of the annual collection for retired religious and a plan to write a message to teenagers on stewardship. They will be asked to approve a no-increase 2007 assessment on dioceses for support of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. They will discuss -- but not vote on -- plans for a major restructuring of the way the USCCB operates. The main focus of the discussion in June will be a reconfiguring of USCCB committees, with a major reduction in their number. The bishops are to meet June 15-17 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. The meeting will give Archbishop Pietro Sambi, who just arrived in February as apostolic nuncio to the United States, his first opportunity to address the entire U.S. hierarchy.