Friday, August 25, 2006

There is God's plan, and there is Plan B

The decision from the FDA to approve plan B will set this country back.

First, let me voice my utter disappointment with our president, and all his staff. How can a person be in favor of saving millions of embryonic babies by vetoing a deadly stem cell research bill and then 'lobby' for a pill that will kill millions of embryonic babies through chemicals?! Where is the consistency? Where is the outrage from the Catholic community and the pro-life communities?

I for one did not do all that I should have to help my family and friends understand why this is a tragic decision. This is, however, a good teaching point for the Church, for ever single Catholic, and every single pro-lifer.

Let's look at the big picture of plan B for a second: two people have sex. Before they do, however, they are conditioned to think that they have to protect themselves. From what? Sex has been so cheapened that near strangers will have sex with each other: they might have diseases so they have to be protected from that. The natural function of sex is designed for the bonding of the two people and creation of new life. That would mean that these near strangers would have to see each other again to raise this child. You have to be protected from that, right? In another way, you have to be protected from the responsibility, from bringing love into the relationship. However, what many people are finally admitting is that these lines of defense do not work- they do not do what they claim they do. So you need yet another measure to protect yourself; another pill.

Why do people take pills? When there is something wrong, correct? You have a cold, so you take a decongestant. You have an infection, so take anti-biotics. A headache; aspirin. Why are people taking a pill because they engage in sex? Is something wrong? "O no! I need a pill- I just had sex!"

Let is set the record straight- there is nothing wrong with sex. God invented it. It is an fundamental part of the sacrament of marriage in the Catholic Church. It is window into the joy that God has planned for us in heaven. How sweet is that!

However, there is somthing terribly wrong with how we are using sex. It would be like saying there is nothing wrong with food, but if we start eating until we are sick...that is an indicator something is off. If we have to start taking a pill to protect ourselves from eating, we have to have 'safe-food', it is probably a sign that our use of food is off.

With all of these we are clearly faced with two options: God's glorious plan and plan B.

With God's plan, sex is what is was meant to be. People who use God's wonderful plan do not need to worry about disease, about cheating or fleeting partners, about armor or other means of defense. There is no reason to be defensive! God's plan for sex is for one man and one woman to enter into marriage and to express the love that is already there through this most special gift of self. The husband loves his wife so much that he is not seeking his own pleasure, but hers and visa versa. They enter into this love freely, totally, faithfully and this love is fruitful. It is fruitful in their relationship- they are ever more closely bonded. It is also fruitful in the very real way. The child that is conceived through this embrace is the symbol of the love between the two. This child is a most welcomed gift beacuse this love between them is real, it is incarnational.

We will have to work overtime to remind people that when there is a plan A, why choose plan B?


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