Wednesday, June 14, 2006

All is Gift

Words from Papa B's General Audience today:

"Tradition recounts St. Andrew's death in Patras on a diagonal cross as, "like his brother Peter, he asked to be crucified on a cross different from that of Jesus." Benedict XVI then quoted the words attributed to St. Andrew during his agony when he said of the cross: "before the Lord was placed upon you, you incited earthly terrors. Now, blessed with a heavenly love, you are received as a gift."

This phrase, the Pope continued, contains "a profound Christian spirituality, which sees in the cross not so much an instrument of torture as the unrivaled means of full assimilation to the Redeemer. ... Our crosses acquire value if considered and accepted as part of the cross of Christ. ... Only from that cross do our sufferings become ennobled and acquire their true significance."

The phrase that really sticks out are "you are received as a gift" in reference to the Cross. How remarkable! Once an instrument of torture, when it is transformed by Christ, into a gift. How are we to approach this gift? With receptivity. Receive and embrace the cross!

If such a thing can be said about the Cross, what then, can be said about our bodies? If the an instrument of torture can be transformed into a gift simply because Christ encountered it- our bodies, which have always been good, was elevated to extreme heights when Christ took on our human nature! The WORD became flesh!

How much so ought our bodies be a gift? What should be our attitude toward the gift of the other? A spirit of docility and receptivity.

That is awesome! Praise God.


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