Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"we the people..."

Things that deal with Natural Law should never be allowed to change due to a popular vote. However, when judges and legislators try to destroy the Natural Law by enacting unjust laws, such as the "right" to kill a baby and the "right" for two men or two women "marry" it is laudable for the average American to uphold common sense and good morality.

This is what happened when the good peo0ple of Georgia voted to ban all homosexual marriages in 2004, along with 11 other states. However, a judge struck down the ban saying that it was "unconstitutional."

Along with the right to kill babies, I do not think our founding fathers had buggery in mind when they drafted the constitution- not even in the shadows of the shadows.

Read the article.


Blogger MilesEcclesiae said...

Washington Post artilce about the Constitutional Amendment to ban rewarding people who enter into homosexual relationships.

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