Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Give it up!

The Church will not change! The world dumps millions of condoms into Africa- AIDS is still on the rise. Who is to blame? The Catholic Church of course! Duh! What is it going to take? Are they going to saturate the continent with BILLIONS of condoms, continue teach everyone how to act like animals, and remain scratching their heads? Well, they can continue to be baffeled at their tragic failure- but how much longer can they blame the Church?

Below is a good article from CNA, about how the Church will never change- She has received her teachings from Jesus Christ who can neither decieve nor be deceived.

Vatican City, Apr. 24, 2006 (CNA) - An official from the Pontifical Council for Health and Pastoral Care, presided by Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragán, made it clear today that the recent interview given by the Mexican prelate to the Italian daily La Reppublica, doesn’t hint at any change in the doctrine of the Church on the use of condoms to fight Aids. Read the rest.


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