Monday, March 06, 2006

Give 'em the one two punch

A friend and I were talking about the recent statements made by Cardinal Mahony about immigration. For one of the first times, we both surprisingly happy with his daringly bold statements. In fact, His Eminence told all of his priests in LA to break the law if it meant doing the right thing. Praise God! It seemed that all of our prayers for his renewal and increase in courage and conviction have paid off. Then my friend said, I bet there is a catch. I mean, who would disagree with that? I am sure it made a lot of neo-cons upset. At the same time, I bet he really made a lot of "liberals" happy.

Well, sure enough, both the LA Times and the NY Times are both singing Cardinal Mahony's praises. I hope that was not the intent of such courageous statements.

It would be great if he could make similar statements that would not be so popular.

Continue to pray for this prince of the Church and the souls entrusted to his care.


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