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coutner-protester at the West Cost Walk for Life

Madrid, Feb. 06, 2006 (CNA) - In his most recent pastoral letter, Archbishop Francisco Gil Hellin of Burgos said it was hypocritical to be shocked by the Iraq war and yet support legal abortion in Spain, where 85,000 unborn are killed each year. Read the rest.

Our experience certinally confirmed Archbishops concerns when we went to the anit-war rally in DC last fall. As Catholics, we all oppose war on general principal. It is never a good thing to kill people. Period. We also wanted to help people understand the war in the womb, which has killed more people since 1970 than all the wars of the world in all of human history- combined! So we had sings that said, "stop the war in the womb" "taxes for babies not bombs" and lastly [my favorite] "make love, not war". I really was not expecting as much hostility as we got. We stayed in one area as hundreds of people walked by. I do not remember one positive comment. We got plenty of choice fingers and the choicest of words. I was even told by a granda "F#$% YOU, BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE WILL!!" No lie, she must have been like 75.

In a strange twist of fate, I was walking and talking with a polite woman who disagreed fundamentally with my repsect for life position, but then a rabid person came up to us and started yelling and screaming in my face. The woman quietly stepped in and informed him that I have a right to my opinion and our differences should not be handelded with such anger. He left in his anger. Later in our conversation, the peaceful woman said that she was a former abortionist. It appeared that she had pain in her eyes, and a bit of amazement that I did not condemn her or start acting like the fellow we just encoutered.


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More great comments from the Spanish bishops:

Bishop Jesus Sanz Montes of Huesca also decried the law saying, “Christians are not against scientific advances,” but it is “hypocritical to pass laws to protect our lungs from second-hand smoke and at the same time to pass laws snuffing out the life of the human embryo… as if it were a guinea pig.”

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