Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pope to the world: Procreate

“In the modern social context,” he said, “families with many children represent a testimony of faith, courage and optimism, because without children there is no future.”
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Blogger Daniel said...

Procreation (or, rather, the lack thereof) is certainly a grave problem for our time. Even among faithful Catholics who reject contraception we have a contraceptive mindset behind NFP. Sure, NFP can be used correctly, but it seems it's billed as a "natural" form of birth control for the most part. It's very frustrating. Very rarely does one hear about the "grave reasons" necessary for a couple to use NFP. I often hear, as I said, even from orthodox Catholic couples, that they use NFP and "decide together" each month if they should conceive. How arrogant! That is the contraceptive mindset. God is the planner of the family. It boils down to this: Married couples should have sex. If, for grave reasons (such as health problems, as HV notes), they need to space the birth of their children, then and only then is NFP permissible. Humanae Vitae makes this very clear. But somehow we've gone from the idea of NFP being permissible under certain conditions, to this idea of NFP being something "beautiful" that couples can share together. I think that's pushing it a bit. The point of NFP is that it's a permissible, moral option that is sometimes necessary in a marriage. These days it's almost billed as something that every couple to do in order to enhance their marriage.

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