Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Deep Sleep

I was re-reading the John Paul the Great's "Theology of the Body" on a plane yesterday. In the first part of the book, where the Holy Father talks about the "original man", "original innocence", "original nakedness" etc. he illuminated a very cool point. What is the significance of putting 'adam into a "deep sleep"?

JPII looked at the meaning of the Hebrew word that was employed. He mentioned how we commonly look at sleep as a sub-conscience state, or perhaps often allude to a 'Freudian fantasy'. If this were true and intended by the author, then it would mean that because 'adam was lonely, he simply dreamt up a dream girl. This was not so, says the Pope. The deep sleep is a reference, not to the sub-conscience, but to a un-conscience or a pre-conscience.

In essence, instead of going into the depth of man to find himself, God went to pre-man and brought forth the true vision of man; namely, man as male and female. Man [humanity] cannot be understood isolated. The only way to make sense of humanity is within the sexes. In order to really drive home this point, the Holy Father illumniates, the biblical author depicts the singular man as isolated and then, through the total action of God, man is recreated as a singular male and female.

This was said a lot better than what I am saying now. It was just such an awesome "epiphany" that I wanted to convey it one way or another. Of course, you can tell the implications of this. The equality of the sexes, the complementarily of the sexes, the fundamental difference of the sexes, the fact that we are called and created for "the communion of persons" ultimately with God but tangibly with one another, and in a very real sense through the conjugal act.

Because on the sixth day sex was created for male and female.... and it was very good.


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