Friday, December 23, 2005

Another Affirmation

I am home for Christmas, praise God. Without pouring out my heart or naming names for the sake of privacy, God has just been giving many affirmations about this project.

One of the major themes of TOB, is that personal experience [properly understood] is a reflection of objective reality. For example, I come from a divorced family. My experience with divorce reflects the objective reality that divorce is wrong.

So, there is a lot of hurt, blame, and open festering fueding going on in my family, as is in most families [some better than others, of course]. Well, I was blessed to spend 11 hours with one of my family members today who I have never had a great relationship with. Not that it was every bad, we have never been as close as we should have. Anyway, by spending time, listening, understanding and offering advise based on personal experience and guided by objective principles, this person was able to make a lot of progress in spiritual development.

There is obviously a lot more to the story, but the important part is getting people to think in the TOB mind-frame is very, very effective. I could have easily talked about the objective dictums and pretty much get where I always do- not far [at least in my human estimations]. However, because I was able to bring up personal experience and relate that to and draw analogies to those moral norms, the person was able to understand and accept those "tough teachings" a lot more readily. Praise God, indeed!


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